9 Great Reasons To Choose


A new violin shoulder rest that places the instrument in a natural, ergonomic position in order to maximize comfort and precision control while playing.

1) The AcoustaGrip is a non-clamping, non-stiff and non-muting shoulder pad lift accessory; It does not “clamp onto the instrument”, as “clamping” mutes and diminishes the woods vibrations.

2) The AcoustaGrip provides the musician a comfortable ergonomically designed cushion that fits between the instrument and the shoulder of the musician, that will not fall off and sticks to the instrument without glues.

3) The AcoustaGrip attaches securely yet easily and quickly attaches and detaches from violins and violas to the back of the instrument (the underside as held) that uniquely sticks to the instrument and may be removed, replaced as needed and will not fall off, is easily cleaned to regain maximum Sticking Ability.

4) The AcoustaGrip will not harm the finish of the instrument as the device sticks without glues or harmful adhesives or clamps that may damage the instrument.  Place it on or take it off, never any harm or damage.

5) The AcoustaGrip will not dent, scratch, or damage the sides, back or any part of the instrument. It can be removed and replaced again and again and is easily cleaned with a wet paper towel if needed.

6) The AcoustaGrip  Many find it also lessens and may diminish the musicians sores and markings on their chin, neck and collarbone, as it allows constant freedom, in contrast to rigid gripping devices, it allows freedom to adjust one’s “hold on their instrument” and better performance with an increase in adaptive movement.

7) The AcoustaGrip stores easily in the instrument case, usually around the neck of the instrument which allows also for secure hold on the instrument in its case. (See below)

8) The AcoustaGrip also can be used as a forearm or wrist cushion to add comfort while typing and to aid and perhaps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

9) The AcoustaGrip increases the volume of sound, adds better quality and increases the production of “Overtones”.

10) Manufacturer Basic Warranty & Extended Warranty
See products details for full warranty information. 
AcoustaGrip, Inc. warrants any and all of it's products including all AcoustaGrip accessories, for all AcoustaGrip Branded Products. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR STATUTORY RIGHTS. Your product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) month from the date of original retail purchase
("Warranty Period") and Registration.   
For Extended Warranty you may purchase Acousta-Care 
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